ATENSOR Robot program adaption

ATENSOR Robot program adaption enables the combination of conventional robot programming with the advanced methods of vision-based surface treatment technology.

Conventional robot programming reaches its limits in presence of a large variation of the workpiece position or orientation (e.g., due to tolerances of the fixtures) or placement of the workpieces (e.g., manual loading of carriers). For these cases, ATENSOR Robot program adaption is the ideal solution in combination with conventional robot programming.

The conventionally generated robot programs are automatically selected on the basis of the workpieces that are detected and localized in the 3D scan and adapted to their respective position and sequence. The adaption goes far beyond a mere displacement of the workpiece coordinate system.

The determination of the sequence, the ensuring of the reachability, the consideration of robot axis limits and the adaption to avoid singularities as well as collisions take place automatically. This way, conventionally generated programs can be safely and robustly adapted to a new workpiece position and orientation.

ATENSOR Robot program adaption relies on the existing tools as well as on the existing qualification of the operators, thus enabling the efficient implementation of highly complex robot processing solutions.

  • determining robot path sequence
  • ensuring reachability
  • considering robot axis limits
  • avoiding singularities
  • avoiding collisions

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