About Us

ATENSOR Engineering and Technology Systems GmbH, headquartered in Steyr, Austria, provides customized measuring, testing and processing systems as turn-key solutions for the flexible production of the future.

Thanks to our many years of application experience in the most varied industries, you receive a unique range of solutions for your measuring task, designed for your specific requirements.

The Journey

The young company ATENSOR Engineering and Technology Systems GmbH started its business on the initiative of some private investors – as a spin-off from the private research company Profactor GmbH.

From Research to Production

From a vision and the resulting research project, an innovative technology was brought to market – and successfully implemented in the industry.

Today, ATENSOR is a member of the renowned Micro-Epsilon Messtechnik Group (Ortenburg, Germany). ATENSOR acts as the competence center for robotics and robot-based measurement technology within the internationally operating Micro-Epsilon group. The company thus focuses on one of the most disruptive technologies of the future.

The company with its team of experts is undergoing a continuous growth process. At present, about 20 employees work at ATENSOR – mostly highly qualified software developers and engineers in the field of automation technology.

Company Data

ATENSOR Engineering and Technology Systems GmbH
Im Stadtgut B2
4407 Steyr-Gleink, Österreich

Telephone: +43-7252-70690-0
Fax: +43-7252-70690-500
e-Mail: office@atensor.com

Established: 2003
Managing director: Dipl.-Inform. Univ. Achim Sonntag
Power of attorney: Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Jürgen Steininger
Certification: ISO 9001:2008

ATENSOR Engineering and Technology Systems GmbH
Im Stadtgut B2
A - 4407 Steyr-Gleink