ATENSOR Automatic robot program generator

Robot-supported automation of production processes that feature a large variety of versions is a special challenge. Conventional generation of specific robot programs for each version that exists within the range of products is considered unprofitable in most cases. The usual approach of grouping into families to process similar workpieces with generously designed programs in most cases leads to reduced quality at simultaneously higher per-item cost.

Top quality with simultaneously highly effective processing is only possible if an individual robot program adjusted to each version is used.

The solution for efficiently generating individual robot programs is provided by the ATENSOR Automatic robot program generator.

ATENSOR Automatic robot program generator abstracts the definition of individual robot tracks and movements into the definition of recipes. Only parameters such as track distances, work angles, speeds, etc. are defined for each section of the workpiece surface.

Proper track planning is performed fully automatically by applying predefined recipes to the actual geometry of the workpiece, which has been determined by a 3D scan. In addition to the actual process tracks, both movements in space and precise timing for switching on/off each of the devices in the process (e.g., painting guns) are calculated.

Robot programs are automatically generated while

  • Ensuring accessibility
  • Taking into account axis limits
  • Circumventing singularities and
  • Avoiding collisions.

Thus, the fully automatically generated robot programs can be executed safely in the robot without prior tests. ATENSOR Automatic Robot Program Generator thus permits implementation of real lot size 1 systems.

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