Automatic inspection of reflective surfaces

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Measuring, testing and inspection systems for your lab

Industrial measuring, testing and inspection systems offer important information and help safeguard your production process. In addition to our in-line systems, we provide our entire technology as lab systems.

Using individual turn-key solutions, access all knowledge acquired within the Micro-Epsilon Group during more than five decades of experience by more than 1,000 employees and an extensive network of cooperating partners.

Our many years of application experience in the most varied industries ensures that you receive a unique range of solutions for your measuring task – customized to your specific requirements.

We support you from the idea up to integration of individual measuring, testing and inspection systems into your lab environment.

Individual. Fatigue-free. Automated.

This automated robot-guided inspection system works with a compact deflectometry sensor that is guided across the measured object by a robot. This permits inspection of objects whose geometry requires several measuring positions.

The extremely accurately identified defects are analyzed and shown on the 3D model.

Special features:

  • Automated inspection of reflective and glossy surfaces
  • Identification of the most minute defects and deviations
  • Consistent and reproducible identification rate


  • Fast and high-resolution measurement
  • Ideal for high-gloss parts, such as automotive add-on parts
  • Extensive software package
  • Custom adaptations on request

Included in delivery:

  • Entire system, incl. robot, sensor and analysis unit, housing
  • Software package for setup and analysis of measurements
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