Painting – Automated program generation for painting robot

Increasingly individualized products and more flexible production processes give rise to new challenges during the painting process. Conventionally generated and thus static robot programs consider neither the component’s actual geometry nor its position.

By contrast, our vision-based painting solution offers a fully automatically generated robot program for each workpiece in its specific position. Using our innovative 3D in-line digitalization permits automatic generation of a painting program, adjusted to the individual form and position of the workpiece. Thus, individuality and automation down to lot size 1 are not mutually exclusive.

Traditional programming of a painting robot needs way too much effort to process pieces efficiently, cost-effectively and perfectly. For most applications, therefore, pieces are still traditionally painted manually.

Benefit from individual planning and implementation and contact our team of experts!

Your gain from vision-based painting

  • Automatic robot painting down to lot size 1
  • Consistent painting quality
  • Paint, energy and emissions savings
Painting of heavy duty diesel engines
Painting of heavy duty diesel engines
Fully automatic powder coating
Fully automatic powder coating
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