Innovation and System Integration

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”



“Our outstanding expertise is the integration of innovative individual components

into an existing environment. This results in state-of-the-art complex systems:

vision-based, automated and individualized.”

  • For example, workpieces are recorded for in-line digitalization by a state-of-the-art Smart3D sensor system. The flexible arrangement of 3D sensors offers a full 3D recording of the entire workpiece surface or position from different perspectives. Based on the scan data, robot tracks for individual further processing of every single workpiece can be planned fully automatically – free of collisions and singularities.
  • Special ATENSOR inspection systems permit highly accurate, objective and fatigue-free inspection of critical surfaces. The deflectometry measuring method on reflecting surfaces using high-resolution cameras matches visual inspection by human eyes. Individually integrated into your production and processing procedures, the most minute errors as well as minor contamination can be identified – fatigue-free, objectively and highly accurately.

Using individual turn-key solutions, you access all knowledge acquired within the Micro-Epsilon Group: More than five decades of experience by more than 1,000 employees and an extensive network of cooperating partners characterize the group.

Thanks to our many years of application experience in the most varied industries, you get a unique range of solutions for your measuring task, designed for your specific requirements.

From inspection of decorative and/or functional surfaces with subsequent automatic post-processing (sanding, polishing) by robots up to 3D measuring of hot-red long products – ATENSOR provides customized turn-key solutions for your production of the future!

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